Saturday, December 25, 2010


Sorry, I did forget!! And I know Im a little behind! I hope to have some more up in the next little while.  I needed a little inspiration and I know I have it now! Keep holding in there!!! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Story That Needs Some Readers! =)


I have a new Patrick Kane story on the go.
It's called 'too young to fall in love...'
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Two /-/ Like A Ton Of Bricks You Hit Me

* I know I posted this chapter last night, but I didn't feel like right with the way I ended it, so I changed it slightly this evening. I hope you enjoy this chaper. =) *

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
After Morning Practice
"Hellllooo..." Sharp, waving his hands.


"Huh?" looking as though he just got stunned.

Sharp smirks combined with a “you're clueless“ kind of head shake.

"What!" now Kane's glaring at Sharp.

“Since when did you become like Tazer? Why so serious?

Pfft… whatever.”

"Kane, seriously, what the hell's been up with you? You've been off on another planet all morning.”

Paying as little attention to Sharp, he said nothing, but shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Well, for starter's kid...." Sharp continues again, "you do realize that you are in the shower with all of your gear on?"

He looks down to see to what Sharp had pointed out, and he actually wasn't joking, I am still wearing all my gear.

What the hell has she done to me?

This girl has completely taken over my mind. I have never felt this way about any girl before.

Patrick's POV                              all.over.ur.body/danny.fernandes

Not long after Sharp leaves, I leave the shower too, feeling now like I weight a few thousand tons. I make my way back to my stall, and I begin peel off my wet gear. The room is beginning to empty, and my mind is starting to wonder all over again.

I only saw her that one time, yesterday, in the parking lot. Watching her walking so smoothly through the slush, until she just reached her car when she slips slightly on an icy patch. She manages to regain her balance, without falling down though, but I've got to admit, it upset me a little. Leaving me with no opportunity to wrap my arms around her, and warm her up from a cold fall.

But then, low and behold another opportunity strikes, as she tries to start up her car, it wouldn't. And seeing her take out her frustrations on the steering wheel, made her that much more attractive. From there she had all control over me. God, what a smile and those eyes...


I’m exiting out of the shower again, but this time without my all my gear on, only wearing a towel wrapped around my waist. I notice that all the guys have left and now It feels a bit little eerie being so quiet. Not giving it another thought, otherwise, I just shrugged it off.

I walk up to my stall and begin to organize my gear, but as I'm doing that, there's a sound of the door opening, and closing, but no sound of any footsteps walking in.

"Sharp if that's you..." I call from over my shoulder.

"Well..." a female voice interrupting me from behind, "Sorry to disappoint you but Sharp isn‘t here." she whispers, grazing her lips against my ear.

No need for guessing whose sweet voice it is, I turn and she's right there, no further than a foot away. While taking a quick look over, she's got her hair in a loose ponytail, and she’s wearing a red trench coat along with some hot black peep toe heels. Damn, she’s looking fine.

She takes a grab for my towel, but I’m too quick; I spin her around, wrap her in my arms and whisper in her ear.

"Slow down baby... because I promise you, it will be worth the wait." following with a little nibble on her earlobe.

Feeling her body melt into mine, I notice the corner of her lips beginning curling into a half smile. God, she doesn’t have a clue what she does to me.

She manages to wriggle herself around to face me and she brings a leg up and wrap it around my mine. In her heels, we're almost meeting eye to eye. Being able to look her straight in the eye like this, this close, I could see how much she was yearning for me. But it sure as hell can’t be as much as I’m wanting to jump her bones right now.

Without saying a word, she sits me down and straddles herself on my lap. Wrapping her arms around my neck, bringing her face in so close to mine. Our lips just brush each other, as she moves hers up my jaw line to my ear and down my neck. As she‘s doing this, she takes one hand, I feel her slowly tugging at my towel again, loosening it. I know she's just teasing me now, as she is stroking me through the towel, but In return though, I bring my hands up and begin to slowly unbutton her coat, and she doesn't even try to stop me.

As I get down to the last few buttons, she places a hand between my shoulder blades, still stroking me with the other, she straightens herself up, rolling her shoulders back, pushing out her chest into my face. At this point I couldn't hold out any longer... I rip the rest of the buttons loose, revealing this sexy little black dress underneath.

She removes her coat, letting dropping it to the floor. She takes my face in her hands and I move my hands down to her ass, sliding her up closer to me, her lips collided with mine in a fiery embrace.

That was it… She has taken her time with me long enough. She has crossed the line, and I had to take her right here and now, while sitting in my stall. 

Just as we were both getting into a good rhythm, with my hands on her hips that are grinding into mine and her nails beginning to dig deeper into my back...

 The sound of a door slamming shut.